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James "Grizz" painting outside

About James

James Grizz Ellison is an illustrator, designer, and podcaster.


He lives with a chronic autoimmune disease, Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. He's dedicating the rest of his life to spreading awareness through art and speaking about chronic invisible diseases.

For the last few years Grizz has been pursuing his dream as a freelance illustrator. He studied graphic design at Northern Kentucky University, but is mostly self-taught. In those few years he's gone to comic conventions and craft festivals to showcase his work. He's created posters for a local bar, logos for small businesses, T-shirt designs and more! Creating illustrations and telling stories are what make him, Da Grizzly Artist!

Often you can find James hiking in his favorite National forest, walking his dog through the city, spending quality time with family or working in his home studio just outside Cincinnati. Lancelot.

Close up on the painting
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